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Every year, thousands of people around the world start living alone, either through choice or circumstance. In fact, the rise in solo living is a global movement - we're seeing it happen more and more in every country around the world. At the Project, we celebrate solo living as a way of life that can be deeply empowering. We also help those who are struggling find confidence, purpose and motivation. If you're new to living alone, we have a monthly newsletter, and plenty of resources to help you get started. And if you love what we do as much as we do, please think about buying us a coffee each month to support our important work!

Hannah Ellis Carmichael OBE | Director and Co-Founder | Instagram: @livingwellalone


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SoloTalk is a safe, supportive and private space where you can meet new friends, and find answers to all your solo living questions! With over a thousand members from every walk of life, our established community regularly share stories, trade top tips, ask for advice, and celebrate each others’ successes. Single parents, carers and those living alone some of the time, are also welcome – just answer a couple of questions to join. 

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'The Project is like a welcoming bookshop for us soloists. Whether we are on our own through choice or circumstance, knowing you can pop in for a browse or go and look for advice and support on a specific topic is great!'
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