The best of our posts about living through the 2020 pandemic.

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How to self-isolate in seven simple steps

Millions of people worldwide live by themselves, and the numbers are growing all the time — at the Living Well Alone Project our resilient, active community of almost 10,000 ‘soloists’ are already well prepared for what’s coming, and these simple steps are drawn from their experience.

photo showing activities you can do while you live alone

15 ways to beat the boredom during a solo lockdown

Around a third of people in the world are now living in lockdown – and judging by the number of home videos and memes we’ve seen popping up, quite a few of you are already struggling to work out how to fill your time! To help you out, here are 15 tried-and-tested boredom killers, put together by the team at the Living Well Alone Project.

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